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Supportive Services

Emotional Support

Childhood cancer is an isolating and unforgiving journey. We strive to create an enviornment where families feel loved and supported by our team and community. 


Thanks to some generous donors, we are able to offer families some additional financial support in the means of a small grant. 


Mission Projects

In an effort to expand Our Amazing Fighters nationwide impact and vision of bringing community to families battling pediatric cancer, we started our "Mission Projects," programs under Our Amazing Fighters that help us reach more families and patients.

Introducing our first vision project, the Warrior Mama Initiative. Started by 3 childhood cancer moms in Virginia with an emphasis on supporting other mothers walking through this journey. To learn more, click the button below!

  • Who is eligible to receive the services?
    To be eligible for the services, the child must be: Under 18 years old Is or has been an oncology or hematology patient Living in the United States Additionally, for Central Virginia Area Support, End of Chemo Parties, and Mini Wishes, the child must be: Living in Richmond / Central Virginia Area
  • Who can submit the application form?
    Anyone can submit the application on behalf of the child who is eligible to receive the services. We typically receieve applications from children, parents, and hospital workers.
  • How do I apply for services?
    You can apply for the services by filling out the application form below.

If you would like to help us make a difference and bring joy to children and their families fighting pediatric cancer, please consider donating to Our Amazing Fighters. Thank you for your support!

Help Us Spread Joy

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