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Events & Overnight Experiences



Our Amazing Fighters is passionate about improving the lives of those impacted by childhood cancer cancer by offering families opportunities to connect, find community among others, & by providing spaces for kids to experience joy.

We believe in supporting the whole family unit. This is done through a range of events across the country including our Overnight Experiences, Birthday Parties, Parents Night Outs, or simply a fun day trip or pop up event where families can come hang out or get professional photography. 

Overnight Experiences:

Over the last several years, it became increasingly more clear that our families across the nation were struggling with isolation, mental health concerns, and lack of support from family and friends in the post-covid world. Our OAF team sat down ready to take on these issues with the hope that if we could ease these burdens, even just a little bit, our community would be better for it. It was in this meeting that we dreamed up our first "Overnight Experience."

Overnight Experiences are regional 1-2 night retreats with the intention of bringing together families impacted by childhood cancer, volunteers, resorts, & local businesses and non-profits working in the childhood cancer sector. These therapeutic events offer families the opportunity to build relationships (meeting other families treated at their hospital, who might have the same diagnosis, or might live nearby), find emotional support, fellowship, and understanding while still having a trip full of fun & reprieve.

In June of 2023, we hosted our first "Overnight Experience" for 45 Virginia families who had children actively battling pediatric cancer or its long term side effects. With 200+ people in attendance it exceeded every single one of our expectations. While we hoped the “Overnight Experience” would have a significant impact on our attendees, we had no idea, the lasting effects that we would still see today. Families being able to assist one another at their home hospitals, the supportive comments and posts on each other’s facebook pages, families decorating other's yards for Christmas, & even just getting to say hi in the clinic lobby. Friendships were formed in a way that we have not seen in our Virginia childhood cancer community & we are honored to have played a part in providing a platform for these relationships to be formed. Stay tuned for details on upcoming "Overnight Experiences."

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Are you a childhood cancer foundation looking to partner & bring an Overnight Experience to your locality?

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