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Her monthly doctor visits for lab work were reduced to once every two months. This milestone marked the beginning of another phase in Charlotte's long-term treatment plan and her family is thrilled. Charlotte finally got to go to school and recently finished her kindergarten year. She will start first grade in the fall and is thriving. She has created many friendships in her class. Her caring personality is on display daily and she is always wanting to draw and create pictures for her friends.

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Meet Charlie!

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Charlotte's family does not hesitate to exclaim 2021, as the best year of her young life. Charlotte was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia just two weeks shy of her third birthday. Originally due to unusual lesions on her leg bone, they thought she might have osteomyelitis.


Once cancer was mentioned, it was thought to possibly be Ewing's Sarcoma, another form of childhood cancer until a biopsy was performed. Her treatment lasted 27 months and she finished in early 2021. She is now a bright 5-year-old full of life and vibrancy. They reached the one-year anniversary of her treatment ending this past January. In addition to that milestone, two great things happened this past fall... Charlotte's long-term treatment plan was adjusted due to the progress that her monthly blood work showed.

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