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Meet Katie!

I have also had 12 rounds of chemo so far, and don’t have an end date yet. I have relied a lot on creating artwork to help me get through the long days in the hospital or the hard days when I don’t feel well. After I relapsed, I created my own small sticker business called Katies Collective where I sell stickers that are inspired by nature and cancer awareness.

Since being diagnosed with cancer, I have been so humbled by the support I have received from my community. I am grateful for every day and for everyone in my life. It is crazy how much your perspective on life changes.” - Katie

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“I was originally diagnosed when I was 17, with Ewing’s Sarcoma, during Christmas of 2018. Ewing’s Sarcoma is a rare pediatric bone cancer. I went through one year of treatment, which included: 17 rounds of chemotherapy, 7 surgeries, 30 blood transfusions, and fighting off sepsis. After being one-year cancer-free and finishing one year of college, I discovered a swollen lymph node on my groin.


I had it biopsied, and almost two years to the day I was originally diagnosed, we found out that I had to fight Ewing’s again. This was Christmas of 2020 when I was 19 years old.
Since then, the cancer has spread to my lung. I have had 12 more units of blood, 6 more surgeries, and had my eggs harvested. I have also completed 15 doses of whole lung radiation and 30 doses of radiation to my groin. 

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