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Meet Kimber!

There is no set protocol for relapsed Ewing’s sarcoma, with our doctors' guidance we tried a chemotherapy regimen and it was clear right away that it was not working. We started planning for the worst and then decided to do radiation. To our delight, it worked very well, the next refining of chemotherapy we selected also did very well.


Kimber completed ten rounds of radiation and nine rounds of chemotherapy through her port. Over the last six months Kimber has been on an oral chemo treatment next week we will be getting pictures and as long as everything is stable we get the green light to move on to a year of trial medication.

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Kimber was a very active 4-year-old preparing to become a big sister when she started complaining of leg pain and limping. Her pediatrician performed an x-ray and discovered an unidentified mass. After a month of many doctor visits, traveling to DC, surgeries, and becoming a big sister Kimber was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma on 3/27/2017.


Kimber completed the medical protocol for Ewing’s sarcoma which included a limb salvage surgery and nine months of chemotherapy. Kimber was declared cancer-free in 2018!

For the following three years Kimber continually attended physical therapy, endured over 50 casts and two different braces, and two corrective surgeries on her leg. In February of 2021 during a cast change mom noticed redness that was not normal, tests were performed and it was found that Kimber had relapsed. 

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